Youth lock-in

Friday, March 23rd – 24th – Lock-In 2018!

The long-awaited Youth Lock-in is finally happening this weekend! This is usually our biggest shindig of the year and for good reason. Overnighters are always a great time to bond with one another and break away from the normal stuff of life. We’ll have drinks, chips, and Chik-fil-a sandwiches for dinner as well as a continental-style breakfast in the morning. Chances are that sleep will not happen until the wee hours of the morning, but each student still needs to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and toothbrush/paste for the night. Games and shenanigans will abound!

Start time: March 23rd @ 6:30 pm in the youth room
End time: March 24th @ 11:00 am in the youth room

Event Details