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-12 graders…. Meeting in Augusta at Vineyard Community Church Contact Tim @ 706-832-7146 or @ underdog8389(at)gmail(dot)com and visit our youth blog  for more information.

Friday, March 23rd – 24th – Lock-In 2018! The long-awaited Youth Lock-in is finally happening this weekend! This is usually our biggest shindig of the year and for good reason. Overnighters are always a great time to bond with one another and break away from the normal stuff of life. We’ll have drinks, chips, and […]

Pizza and game night! After chowing down on some pizza, we’re going to spend the evening playing games and goofing off together.

All 6-8th graders are invite to dinner and a movie at the church!  Start time 6:30pm, pickup 9pm.

All high schoolers are invited to gather for games, food, and mayhem.  We will be catering Jimmy John’s sandwiches and chilling out together.

We’re going to sacrifice hard-earned sleep at the end of the week for a night of camaraderie and craziness!  Meals and snacks will be provided.  Games and adventure will abound!

Sunday 6/2 is our annual LEVEL UP Sunday!  At this special service we recognize the children in our church and emphasize the pilgrimage from child to adult.  Various age groups and transitions will be recognized as we gift and lay hands on our sons and daughters as they move forward in their journey.  Remember to […]

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We also meet every Sunday at 10:00 am to worship God together, and throughout the week in home groups all over the city. Please click the link to the left for a complete schedule of home groups.

Our Community

At VCC, we believe that church is not a function: it is a family. Our religion is only as alive as we are, the people that pursue it. So, rather than acting as an organization, we want to act as an organism. We have no time for casual contacts and meaningless formalities. We are a fellowship on an adventure towards the stuff of God. Church means worshipping God together, studying the Bible together, fixing our cars together, hiking together, eating together, playing together, praying together... enjoying the warmth of the Holy Spirit in all parts of our lives together, not just in appointed meeting times.