Our Values

Vineyard Community church has a simple vision:  To to love God and to care for people.

Our Vision and ValuesValues are the ‘genetic code’ of a church. They are the very foundation of everything we are and do. They are the key ingredients to what’s happening in the church. They are the things God has called us to pursue.

  1. Worship
    We desire to worship God with our whole being. We want Jesus at the center as our Lord. We desire Spirit-enabled worship in a style that is intimate, dynamic, culture-current, and life changing.
  2. Disciples of the Book
    We want to hear the word of God taught in a practical, inspiring, and relevant way, in conjunction with his current prophetic word. We aim to hear and obey God’s Word to us…to be ‘doers of the Word’ who are being transformed into the likeness of Christ.
  3. Fellowship
    We are the family of God, one Body in Jesus Christ, joined together as brothers and sisters forever. We seek to develop real, intimate, enabling friendships together, built on accountability, honesty, and faithfulness. We operate relationally within the church as a family rather than as an organization.
  4. Equipping
    We believe all Christians should be trained to do the works of Christ. We are committed to the ‘show and tell’ model of ‘on the job’ training, in which trainees are introduced to doing ministry functions with trainers and then are taught during and after the training experience.
  5. The Kingdom of God
    We believe that all Christians are called to serve Christ in the power of His Spirit, in ways that build up the local church. We want our lives and prayer to reflect the coming of Jesus’ Kingdom, His will being done here as in heaven.  We are called to do the ministry of Christ in the world today, for example, to…

    • preach the gospel of the Kingdom
    • persuade people to repent and believe in Jesus
    • heal the sick
    • care for the poor and those in need
    • counsel those in need of God’s wisdom
    • give our resources to the work of Christ
    • invite the presence of God in our meetings and lives
  6. Sending
    We aim to be more than a dead-end link in the chain of Christianity. We desire to be a church that is part of the ongoing church history of one generation to the next. Thus, we pursue the mobilization of leadership to plant new churches.

This Week’s Calendar

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Upcoming Events

We meet every Sunday at 10:00 am
to worship God together, and throughout the week in home groups all over the city. Please click the link to the left for a complete schedule of home groups.

Our Community

At VCC, we believe that church is not a function: it is a family. Our religion is only as alive as we are, the people that pursue it. So, rather than acting as an organization, we want to act as an organism. We have no time for casual contacts and meaningless formalities. We are a fellowship on an adventure towards the stuff of God. Church means worshipping God together, studying the Bible together, fixing our cars together, hiking together, eating together, playing together, praying together... enjoying the warmth of the Holy Spirit in all parts of our lives together, not just in appointed meeting times.